Signtist-The awesome new puzzle book for travelers!


I am totally into word games. And can never wait to solve a new puzzle that comes my way. But sadly, all word puzzles today are about jumbled letters. One has to either make as many words, or the longest word, from the given letters. Be it scrabble, boggle, ruzzle.. you name it. Nothing new has been introduced in a while…until now!


Finally there is an innovation in the world of word puzzles!! Signtist © is a unique concept which has been copyrighted in over 130 countries. So, in essence it is a ‘new to the world’ idea. It is a pattern based word puzzle and has the potential to take on various languages and still be as appealing and interesting. Signtist © is a game which can sit right next to a crossword in a newspaper or sell at bus stations as booklets. It is the new sign language!

Signtist © is also the first ever puzzle book to be launched exclusively by Flipkart. The online megastore was sold on the concept and decided to promote the game online free of cost. The team was hooked to the game and believed in how educative, fun and addictive it can be. So Flipkart has supported it all through the launch! (For sale in India only)


You know how we unknowingly form a pattern while typing an SMS? Signtist does the opposite. It gives you the pattern and you have to guess the word. The idea is so simple and clever! Here is a video tutorial link which is very experiential as well:

IMG_0207 - edit1


Signtist © puzzle book is a lovely travel partner. The books are very compact and handy. With more than 8 variations to choose from, the books make for a nice brain teaser. From categories like – animals, countries, brand names and movies to easy, medium, and difficult, the books have it all! There are creative clues behind each pattern. And answers are at the back of the book.

IMG_0188 - edit (6)


What you gift says a lot about you! Priced reasonably between 125-250 rupees each, the Signtist © books have 50-100 puzzles respectively. The bundled boxes make for a great gifting option for your children, nephews, nieces and even corporate employees. These combo boxes are available at Rs.370 onwards. For attractive discounts please click on the link below and get your first copy!

For BULK ORDERS or CORPORATE GIFTING solutions call +91-9731884542 or mail at

Bundle 1- Yellow box- has books on brand names. Suitable for 15+ years

Bundle 2- Blue box- Has books on 4 categories- Animals, Countries, Capitals and Movies. Suitable for 10+years

Bundle 3- Green box- Has Easy, medium and difficult books. Suitable for 15+ years

teaser 4

Below are some reviews given by the buyers of this puzzle book online:

Addictive learning game for adults and kids !-  By Narmada Deb

A fun addictive game…if you are into arcade/ puzzle games whether on phone or with a pen you will love this one. Affordable pricing and a nifty box set makes it a great gift for friends and family. This is going into my gifting bag for sure , for all my young cousins ! Whats also great is the pocket book size as well, so you can just throw it into your bag for a rainy day or a long haul in the bus !”

Addictive and stimulating at the same time”- By Sanjay Bajaj

Good fun to play and addictive. Can carry it around easily ( even to work ). I think the best part is that it is quite challenging and not just a breeze through puzzle set, will enjoy playing it for a while. Eagerly looking forward to more variants of this game.”

SIGNTIST– By Geetanjali

I for one love word puzzles and this particular one is food my brain craves. Exciting and deeply satisfying for your senses. Makes letters come alive in your mind and helps sharpening your cognitive skills. For all ages, its a great passtime for travel and gifting solutions. Can’t wait for newspapers to discover it. so that it can be a part of my daily routine( since I don’t play games on my phone;))”



Twitter handle- signtistgame



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